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Influential (and purpose-driven) investors can be forces of transformation, having the power to guide millions and millions of people on being more conscious about the way they deploy their capital and the consequences of it.

Our How


We allow  creatives, athletes and thought leaders to feed us with their vision. We listen and structure a tailor-made investment strategy that is aligned to their values. 

We enable our partners to focus on their purpose and vision, while we handle the details. We put their intuition and vision into practice, from managing, filtering, sourcing and negotiating deals, to the investing and operational aspects to run the funds.


Our What

UMANA House of Funds partners with influential individuals and creates venture capital funds, focusing on achieving outsized  financial returns and positive impact.

We integrate the use of standard and recognized frameworks like the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in our investment vetting process as well as industry experts and research to guide our decision-making and conviction in the impact of our capital.

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20% of Backed Founders are Female


Who we are

5 Team Members across 3 countries
2  languages spoken
4  Venture Funds 
15+ SPVs

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